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This is an update to my article about replacing the CV - Axles of my 78 Eldorado which I wrote last year.

One thing I completely overlooked when I installed replacement axles on my 1978 Biarritz is the fact that the mounting holes for the drive axle to output shaft are bigger on the replacement axles than the original ones. Because of this there is some play.
I did not notice this fact, but my friend Lucky found this problem when he wanted to install a replacement axle to a 67 Eldorado he had been working on. (BTW: There are no replacement axles available that would be an exact fit on a 67/68 Eldorado - you will always have to rebuild your original ones!)
Lucky came up with a perfect solution for this issue though. He found some reduction bushings from 7/16" to " made by Bates at a Harley Davidson parts shop.
These bushings are a perfect fit and also solve the problem of the too long bolts on the driver side axle. These bolts are too long because the mounting surface of the replacement axle is thinner than the original, and because of that I had to install spacers before.
With these bushings the original bolts do fit perfectly again!


The bushing on the left - the bolt with a now no longer necessary spacer on the rightIMG_3695D
The bushing in place

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