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The 58 Seville is back home. A dead battery...

Due to limited space in my garage I always have to store at least 2 cars at friends. Last year I put my 1958 Seville into storage at a friends awesome garage.

Now after almost a full year of not seeing the car it was time to bring it back home again. I was a little worried if the car would even start up after such a long time of hibernation.
After I put some fuel into the center carb - the car fired right up after only 3 seconds of cranking! Amazing! The car ran perfectly well and made the one hour and a half trip home without any issues.

The surprise came the next day when I wanted to take the car on another trip. The battery was dead although it was disconnected after the last trip. I tried to recharge it but it´s completely dead!
The Exide Maxima battery only lasted for 5 years and broke down over night without any warning… I will buy a new battery probably next spring - not sure if I should go with Exide again, maybe a cheaper one will have to do.

The 58 after it left my friends garage after a year of storage. To my surprise it started right up!