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The floor in the garage comes out again

As already written in a previous post - the floor in my new garage project has to come out again as it is much too soft for an epoxy coating.
After I finally found an agreement with the construction company today the "old" screed started to come out again…
See more pictures in my garage gallery.

the old screed is coming out again!


Work on my Cadillac garage project continues

Work on my Cadillac garage project has started again this spring.
3 weeks ago I was planning to have my floor epoxy coated, when I found out that something went terribly wrong with the screed. Its way too soft, so nothing can adhere to it!
The construction company responsible for it has to find a solution now - they will try to fix it with some chemicals, but I´m not very optimistic that it will work out.
I hope we can solve the issue without a legal battle and I will get a new floor soon.

My friend Richard once again helped me out with my garage work as well. He is an expert for plastering work and is helping me adding the last finishing touches to the exterior.
I will be able to do the paint work on the exterior hopefully soon.

Preparing the floor for the planned epoxy coating - it soon turned out that the floor is way too soft
Measuring the hardness of the floor - way too soft! Should be at 1,6 nm/mm2 and not 0,6 -in some areas its only 0,29 nm/mm2
My friend Richard helped me plastering the last details around the doors. The exterior is almost ready for paint.


Spring cleaning the garage

I neglected my garage a little bit during the last time - and as I had a day off today, I decided to give it a good spring cleaning.
I cleaned the entire epoxy floor - and now everything looks clean and tidy again. The Cadillacs like it clean... I will rent a floor polishing machine soon - for the extra shine ;-)

The garage floor before cleaning - the Eldorados had to wait outside
After cleaning-still wet
Clean and dry - the 67 Deville stayed in there...


The new Garage Floor is finished!

Finally the new garage floor was finished and the cars moved back in. Looks fantastic! More pictures can be found here!

Ultimate Garage


Garage Floor Project Day 5

Today the red stripe was painted.
Next week they will give the floor a good polish and a sealing coat.

epoxy garage floor


Garage Floor Project - Day 4

Today the floor company started to mask off the areas which got a coat of black epoxy applied afterwards.
They will still have to paint the black areas a second time before they can take of the masking tape.
A red stripe which will surround the checker board area will also be added and the walls will be repainted in the same red as well.
Looking forward that it will be finished soon.

epoxy garage floor
The floor with the masking tape in place
epoxy garage floor
the first coat of black epoxy
epoxy garage floor
seen from the outside with the masking tape still in place


The new Garage floor - Day 3

Yesterday the floor got a base coat - a kind of primer.
Today the layer of epoxy in cream white was poored. Looks fantastic!
You can see all the pictures in larger resolution in my garage gallery!

epoxy garage floorepoxy garage floor
epoxy garage floorepoxy garage floorepoxy garage floor


The new Garage floor is coming

Yesterday work on the new garage floor begun. It will be a professionally done epoxy coating with a black and white chessboard pattern surrounded by a red stripe.
First the company which does the work removed the old epoxy coating to make sure that the new one can bond to the concrete really well.
Then they started to repair all the creases in the floor by cutting them open - then they inserted some metal support - and then filled them out with a special epoxy raisin.
It will take them at least one week to finish everything, as they are doing a very thorough job.


Garage floor almost finished

The floor in the Cadillac garage was finished by the construction company last week.
The final epoxy coating will be done starting on April 23rd after the concrete floor had 28 days of drying.
I`m really looking forward to it.

Ultimate Garage
picture with the old epoxy coating - the new one will be a black and white checkered coating
Ultimate cool garage