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The Classic Cadillac Club of Germany held its annual meeting in Wiesbaden this year and we were very lucky that we could go there.
Days before the meeting I hurt my back badly in an accident at work and it looked like if I could not participate. I had a lot of pain whenever I moved and could basically do nothing but sitting still. I could not even hold a camera and getting in and out of my car literally took minutes.
Luckily the seats in the car are even more comfortable than my sofa at home. So I packed a lot of pain killers into my luggage and…. CLICK BELOW TO READ MORE AND TO SEE THE IMAGE GALLERY

The video my wife shot at this meeting with our Gopro camera and our drone. Make sure to watch in HD or 4k

The official video of the German Cadillac Club - Check it out!


Mostkost Kustom Show 2011 and Sepp's Garage

Today my little family, together with our best friends, visited a nice small meeting which is held only 40 kilometers from our home. Its a small gathering of US-Car enthusiasts. One of the organizers is collecting and building great Ratrods which he is always showing there. It's a very nice and relaxed atmosphere with nice cars and great people. Looking forward to the next edition. Sepp also gave us a tour through his fantastic garage and collection of super rare speed parts. This guy is unbelievable!
We took the 67 Eldorado to the show.
My wife and I shot lots of great images which are available in this gallery.

Sepp during a burn out with one of his Hotrods
We took the 67 Eldorado to the show


Klassikwelt Bodensee 2011 - a great classic car fair

The “Klassikwelt Bodensee“ is a great classic car, boat, and plane fair.
When was the last time you saw a Stanley steamer race while classic airplanes were doing an air-show above your head? Only at the Klassikwelt Bodensee in Friedrichshafen / Germany!
My wife Afra and I took lots of great pictures while we were there. Click on the picture below to go to the gallery!

Stanley Steamers during a race...


US-CAR-SHOW Dornbirn 2011 - Austrias best show! Image gallery online

My family and I spent a weekend at Austrias biggest and best American Car Show in Dornbirn. Over a thousand cars ranging from Classics, Antiques, Rat Rods, Hot Rods, Streetmachines, Customs and everything else took part in this show. We took hundreds of cool pictures which are available here! The show itself is a class of its own. We really had a great time there and are looking forward to the next edition of the show in 2013.

Mr. John D‘Agostino - the world famous customizer - signed autographs at the show, so I had to take a picture of him with my little son Elliot. Elliot was very exited and as it seemed he liked Mr. D’Agostino very much. I guess he already is a big fan of his work ;-) The autographed card will get framed and displayed in Elliot’s room.

Mr. John D‘Agostino, Elliot and my wife Afra

Click here for an 300+ image gallery of the best pictures we took


New pictures of my 1967 Eldorado on my website

When I drove the 67 Eldorado home from the shop last tuesday (see report below)- I stopped at the park deck of the local shopping mall to shoot a couple of quick pictures.
You can find them in the Eldorados gallery.

You can find more pictures by clicking here.


Klassikwelt Bodensee - images online

My wife and I visited the "Klassikwelt Bodensee" in may during our holiday. It was held in Friedrichshafen in Germany. The „Klassikwelt Bodensee“ is a very spectacular classic car exhibition with hundreds of high profile cars on display and for sale.
You can find a picture gallery by clicking on the image below.


New picture gallery - the best pictures

I have added a brand new image gallery to this site featuring the very best images my wife and I shot over the years.
It's a selection of my favorite images. Whenever a new favorite image is shot it will be added here.
Enjoy! You can go directly to this gallery by clicking on the image below. I will constantly add pictures in the future.



New pictures from the Cadillac BIG Meet 2007

You can find hundreds of pictures from this years Cadillac BIG Meet on the website of the Cadillac BIG Meet directly.
My wife Afra shot 2 rolls of slide film with her medium format camera. She has now scanned the slides and I´ve put them on my website.
You can check them out if you click on the image below.



New Gallery added

I added a new gallery to my website with the best pictures we shot at our many cruising nights this summer. It will be constantly updated with new images as they come in. Take a look here!