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Changing the transmission indicator bulb on the Lincoln Mark III

I thought that changing a simple light bulb would not be a big problem but a pretty self explaining thing. The transmission indicator bulb in my Mark III did no longer work. So I thought I could change it quickly and order a bulb. (the one I got from rockauto.com does not fit btw..) Its bulb #1445 you need - thats the correct one as you can see in the owner manual.

The owners manual lists all the bulbs you need. One should order them by part number.

The shop manual for the Mark III is not very helpful when you try to change the transmission control selector indicator light...

71transmissionindicator-SM-2014-06-17 01.15.44

I had no idea where to start so I contacted the excellent Lincolnforum where I got some very helpful tips.

2sasilverbullet sent me the following two pictures below to show what covers have to get removed to be able to access the indicator bulb.

© 2sasilverbullet

You have to carefully remove these covers and you then get access to the bulb.

with the bulb already removed

The bulb is then inserted into the hole where you can see the finger.

After the bulb is replaced its pretty tricky to put the covers back into place. Be very careful to not break the plastic covers!