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Eldorado Roadhouse - an awesome private car museum

My friend Christian owns some spectacular Cadillacs, but now he opened one of the greatest garages I have ever seen...
He made his dream come true and built an awesome home for his car collection including a private dinner below the garage. The whole building is just amazing. On his 50th birthday he invited some friends for the grand opening of his new building. Congratulations Christian!!!

He built the whole garage including the diner with his own hands with the help of his family - an enormous task, and perfectly executed.

A panoramic picture showing his showroom - the cars and the building are just spectacular!
The private diner below the garage.
the birthday party had a 50’s theme - so we dressed up accordingly. Elliot was only 3 weeks on this picture.
The car on the left is Cary Grant’s former 60 Eldorado Biarritz btw....