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I built my home garage back in 2005, and since this time I did not even have a work bench, nor sufficient storage for my tools. All I had was a small mobile tool cart which could no longer store all the tools I collected over the years. Repairing parts on the floor became very uncomfortable as well, and I started dreaming of a real workbench and some garage cabinets to get my garage more organised again. After years of saving enough money, I finally ordered a nice workbench and cabinetry. The old sofa had to make room for my new work area.
I also installed some additional LED tubes for even better lighting inside the garage. I installed 4 new LED fixtures, with each emitting 7800 lumen… It is very bright inside the garage now.

Over the winter months I will now reorganise everything inside the garage and store all my tools inside the new cabinetry.

Here I am installing some new lights. Click above to see the video.

Kraftmeister Garage Cabinets

This is how everything was deliveredIMG_2750
First I had to clear out some space to make room for the new workbench.Kraftmeister Werkbank
Almost finished

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