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I scored an awesome NOS part which arrived today! If you have a 67/68 Cadillac with T&T column you know that these are super hard to find and even repaired ones are pricey if you can even find one. I got this one at a good price! I have been looking for a spare switch since 2007 and out of nowhere I was contacted by a very nice lady through my website if I would still be looking for one, as she found an old article on this switch on my website... It is a christmas miracle 1f642:-)
3 different turn signal switches were used in 1967/68 on Cadillacs and the T&T signal switch is not getting reproduced. I have already written an article about these switches highlighting the differences and how they can be identified in the past, which you can find here!

I have heard that they are extremely difficult to install. This one is a spare one for the case I will eventually need it sometimes in the future. I know the day will come, as they all will break the canceling cam sooner or later... On the Eldorado I try to use the turn signal very rarely ;-) On the 67 Deville I already had to install one a couple of years ago, but it does not have a T&T column.
1967 Cadillac Turn Signal Switch 7805676

This switch is almost impossible to find GM #7805676 ACD# D6230. It is for 1967&68 Cadillacs with Tilt and Telescope column.

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