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Building a new Cadillac garage!

As I ran out of space to store all my cars at home - work for my new Cadillac garage began today! I will use 3 spaces in it for myself - the rest will be for rent for fellow classic car owners.

At the moment I have to store at least two cars at friends garages. The 58 Seville spent a whole year in a friends garage an hour away from my house. After a lot of planning and waiting for building permissions, today finally work for my new garage project began. Once finished I will be able to store 8 full size cars in there :-)
The new garage is located only a few minutes away from my house in a good neighborhood, with friendly neighbors who will keep an eye on whats going on there.

Today we had to cut down some trees to make room for the building. During the next days the property will get cleared and grubbed before the foundation will be laid next week.
The plan is to have everything finished by mid October so that the cars will have a new home before next winter.

*UPDATE* October 5th
during the last few weeks we made really good progress on the building - check out the pictures to see the current status.

You can find an image gallery of the construction process here

Clearing the property began on Sept 13th

October 5th
November 2012
test fitting November 2012

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