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2021has been a very busy year for me in my job, but I am glad that I had so much work in times like these.
I have to admit that my car activities were almost non existent until a week before the Cadillac BIG Meet.
I did not even drive all of my cars this year - one did not even leave the garage…
I know that cars will have to be driven to stay healthy and hope to be able to manage my time better next season…
As there was still some old gas in the tanks of my cars I at least drove them to the nearby gas station before they will go back into winter hibernation in their de-humidified garages again. I took some short clips of the cars driving back into the garage.

The 58 Eldorado
The 71 Lincoln
The 78 Eldorado


Last feeding for the 78 in 2021IMG_7464
The cars in my home garage are ready for winter as well…

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