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1967 Eldorado with only 8.000 miles for sale!


I´ll leave the description below just to let you know what you have missed ;-) Congratulations to the new owner!

This is your chance to own one of the lowest mileage 1967 Cadillac Eldorados on the planet!
Up for sale is a breathtaking 1967 Cadillac Eldorado with less than 9.000 miles on the clock. It's an all original car and probably one of the best in existence.
The car is located in Florida and was brought back to life during the last year. Its for sale by the second owner of the car who owns it for 25 years now and wants to let it go due to his age and as he has nobody to pass this car on.

The original owner died when the car had 7800 miles on it. The car was stored in a heated garage until a broker purchased it. It was then purchased from him by the current owner. It was only driven to local shows. The car is as straight as an arrow. The only repaints on the car are the air cleaner and the valve covers, every thing else is original. This car has drum brakes all around, which can be a plus since rotors are not available.
This car has not seen rain in the last 25 years. Since there is no rust on the drums, I wonder if this car has ever seen any rain.
A list all the things done to the car:
  • Radiator boiled out and pressure checked.
  • Carb rebuild.
  • Brakes rebuilt.
  • The vacuum switch for the air conditioner was replaced,
  • It has the original Freon in it and comes with 1 and a half cans of the original Freon that goes with the car.
  • The water pump has been replaced.
  • the vacuum motors that operate the headlight doors were replaced. All the vacuum lines for this have been replaced as well.
  • The vacuum lines for the leveling system have been replaced and the system worked fine except that one shock leaked and both rear shocks had to be replaced. The replacement shocks have a spring with them and the car sits perfectly and handles great. The old shocks will go with the car in case they can be rebuilt. Vacuum has been blocked from the pump so it does not run all the time.
  • The complete muffler system has been replaced with original parts.
  • The original tires have been replaced except the spare witch has never been removed from the trunk.
  • The interior is in mint condition.
  • The chrome and stainless are really nice, except for one spot on the front bumper, which I think a hot lead hit the bumper years ago. You can see it if you look at the picture of the passenger side bumper pic. Its not that bad but its there. To fix it would require a re-chrome.

As this is a very special quality car it won't go cheap of course! This is one of the best 1967 Cadillac Eldorados in the world.
If you are seriously interested - let me know and I can put you in contact with the seller! If I had the money to purchase another car, I would definitely buy it for myself!

Car is located in Florida!
Yes, thats the original mileage!!

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