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Yesterday was a very exciting day for me.
The restoration shop let me know that my 67 Eldorado was finished and ready for pick up.
After work my wife and I jumped into the car and drove 2 hours to Radstadt where the restoration shop is located.

I saw the finished car for the very first time.
The job Bernd Preussler and his small team did is amazing. The paint job is the best I have ever seen. Their commitment to detail is outstanding.

The finished car in the shop.

After the car was handed over to me I was quite nervous to drive the car home through the Austrian Alps. But after each mile I got less nervous and eventually I enjoyed the ride into the sunset.


The Eldorado when I drove it to the shop on November 10th 2017


The exact same spot exactly 6 months later.
It took only 6 months to finish this big project. I think this is quite a short time for a job of this quality and not many shops are able to do this without cutting corners.


Rolling out of the shop.


On the way home through the scenic mountain side.
A short photo stop at the shores of Lake Hallstatt

When I arrived back home at 9pm I noticed that the power antenna did no longer work, and that the rear speaker was dead.
As I cant stand if something does not work I tore the dash apart and took the radio out to repair it. At 4am everything was back together again and works as it should.


When I arrived at home I tore the dash apart to repair the radio.

I will still have to repair the warning light in the left door, which still worked in the shop, but somehow is inoperative now. The bulb is good, there seems to be an issue with ground. Could be the door jamb switch or a loose wire inside the door. Looks like I will have to remove the door panel again…

The quality of work Bernd Preussler and his team did is the best I have ever encountered, and I cant praise them enough.
This was the first restoration where I did not have to do any work by myself and which was fully done by a shop. My part was to find all the parts that were needed.
Now I will take over myself once again.
You can find a huge image gallery showing all the steps of the restoration here.

The small team which restored my Cadillac. Thank you so much for your great work! You are my heroes!
Michael Hammer, Bernd Preussler, Angela Steiner (from left to right)

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